(Please excuse the short and error-filled nature of this post. I don’t think I’ve ever been more sleepy in all my life)

Well, Silena and I made it safe and sound to Katrine’s in Davis. After cramming the car closed, teary goodbyes and errands galore, we finally got into the 4th of July traffic at around 3 and made it to Katrine’s house by 9:30. We just got home from dinner at The Pita Pit, which was freakin’ delicious, and then off to 31 Flavors for $1 scoop night. Yep, life is good here in Davis.

So yes, safe and sound and not much to report except that the 5 smells like absolute death. Disgusting.

Katrine put together a lovely road trip basket that has snacks and a SCAVENGER HUNT that we must complete, so that game shall begin tomorrow. I also think we’re going to start looking for license plates from each state. Oh, the joys of the road!!!

Next stop: Salt Lake City!!!