Well, since moving in on Saturday, family has made it a point to feed me some absolutely delicious dinners. Aside from making Silena and myself scrambled eggs one morning, a bowl of cereal the next and peanut butter and banana after work, I’ve done zero cooking (We ate at Waffle House this morning and Moe’s in Newport yesterday. SUCH good Mexican food!!!). Anyway, I was really looking forward to getting my Sea Foods on tonight.

I didn’t have much to work with, but I stretched what I did have pretty far.

Our players for this match included, chicken breast, spinach, onion, garlic (whole cloves, slices and crushed), pepper, lemon and olive oil. Super simple and ended up being super yummy.

First, we put our chicken in the pan with the olive oil, lemon juice, pepper, garlic slices and onion:

Then, when the chicken was pretty well cooked, we took it out and threw in some spinach and let it get its saute on with the onions and garlic. Also (because I can never have enough garlic), I threw in the crushed garlic and some whole garlic cloves.


 And once all those lovely veggies and whatnots were sufficiently sauteed, lemon, peppered and prepared to perfection it got forklifted (Literally! Ha!) on to our chicken.

 Super simple and incredibly yum. And that’s what Sea Foods is all about, gang.