This past weekend I moved into my very own apartment! As Carla would say, “Nobody lives there but me!” and so far, so good.

But let’s take a look at some pictures to better illustrate Silena and Chelsea’s great road trip and moving in experience.

Meet you after the jump!

You made it!

Let’s get started.

Mookie Dog was confused with all that was going on in the front yard, but took a minute to rest in the shade and watch the madness.

One of my favorite garden flowers are agapanthus (they look like fireworks!!) and they just started to bloom in the front yard two days before I left!!!

Iain tested out the non-working horn among other things in the car.

Gab, ever the excellent friend, came over to help pack, load the car, sit on my boxes of books and enjoy some cereal.

And before we knew it, the car was packed, and I was ready to go.

Before we left the area, we had to grab some of my favorite pizza and salad from Zano’s in Woodland Hills.

Gab serves up some abso-delicious pizza.

Silena (AKA- Mrs. Mc180) enjoys some yummy salad.

And after a few pit stops… WE’RE OFF!

“Oh, okay.”


First potty stop was the Sizzler in beautiful Gorman, California. B-e-a-utiful.

And we finally made it up the 5 to the loving arms of Katrine and Greg in Davis.

After that, we were headed East through the endlessness of Nevada:

Neither Silena, nor I, enjoyed Nevada at all. Not too prettysand way too hot. Nope, not for us.

During my nighttime drive shift, I had my arm out the window and got nailed by a bug. When you’re going 80 and your arm gets to play the brick wall to the poor little buggy, it feels and looks gross.

Utah was totally gorgeous. and Salt Lake City was a lot different than I had expected.

Wyoming? BEAUTIFUL. As was Nebraska. Nebraska was unnecessarily long, but still totally breathtaking and beautiful.

Nebraska. I think.


My favorite gas station chain along the way. “It’s so damn literal!”

We stopped in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for dinner and came across this in the parking lot:

And while Silena and I both felt really bad for the girl whose car this was (we saw her when she saw it for the first time) we were both burning with curiosity to find out what she did.

This is the insect’s form of payback. And it’s gross.


We FINALLY made it to Chicago for some brief walking around downtown and of course…

MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING-NESS!!! We stood here for a good 5 minutes and “aww’d” and quoted the cutest, sweetest and saddest scene in that movie.

Oh! And of course:

Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza. Perhaps the most delicious and unique pizza you’ve ever had and I absolutely loved it. We both got spinach and it had the best cheese combo ever. But what sold it for me (and what almost always seals it for me) was the sauce. Incredible. Go to Chicago just to try this pizza.

After a fun, food, friends and Tuck filled night with John in Louisville, we finally made it to Florence, Y’All!!!

When we got there we took a breather and with the patio door open, rested on the carpet for a few and in came my very first visitor! Meet Havana! The adorable dalmation mix puppy that lives next door. She’s super playful and adorable and tons of fun.

My favorite little Batdog was quite the climber.

With Havana still roaming around, we started to move some stuff in.

Little by little, things are getting put together and stay tuned for some updated pictures of things that we assembled, arranged and hung up! It’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to show you some more… put together pictures.

Stay tuned!