And here you have it, folks! The *Official* first photos of the quasi-decorated apartment! [Insert Kermit the Frog style “yaaaaay” here!]

Last night my cousin Rick and I headed out to Hartwell to pick up perhaps the best deal on a mattress I ever seen. The family that owned it was moving to Montana and no longer would have a place for it. Being that the mattress was fairly new and only slept on a couple of times, it was in excellent condition. The people who sold it to me were extremely kind and had the most adorable little boy, Calvin, who I enjoyed playing with while Rick and the husband tried to safely attach the mattress to Rick’s car and the box spring to mine. As we were leaving I was thanking them for their kindness and explaining that it really was such luck because I was looking for a coffee table and came across the deal on the mattress. The totally sweet wife chimed in and said that they had a coffee table they wanted to dump, too. It just so happened to be the perfect color and size for the space I needed and when I asked how much, her kindness extended even further when she sold it to me for five bucks. It was a lucky night, for sure.

So, now that I’ve got a bed set up and other major things in order, it’s as good a time as any to share some photos with y’all!

This is the entry to the apartment. Cozy, but it works just fine for me.

Here’s the desk, somewhat complete, with the few books I brought out with me and other little odds and ends. That chair is one of my dining room chairs and I think that the office chair purchase may have to happen sooner than later.  Oh! And remember these bad boys? Check out the upper right hand corner of the photo. Ohhhh, yeeeeah!

A pretty poorly lit shot of the futon and patio door. Oh! And a sliver of the 5 dolla’ coffee table! Excellent! I can’t keep patio door open for long, because when I do, two near-identical cats come roaming in and hide under furniture. Surely they’re sweet, but chasing cats isn’t my idea of a fun 20 minutes.

Another view of the living room from TV corner.

Here’s our quaint little dining room with my green wall (!). Those three colorful masks on the wall are my favorite souvenir from Guatemala. They’re carved wooden elephant masks and worth the two days it took me to hunt down three of them in the markets (Thanks to Tracy!!!).

The kitchen is small, but I don’t need much room, especially since right now it’s mostly bare cubbards.

The bathroom. Not exciting. Not special. Moving on.

Bedroom! I really like the bedding. The sheets are extremely comfy and a really pretty sage color with cream colored polka dots. Just thinking about it makes me sleepy. Faaantastic. And of course, our incredibly efficient nightstand/lamp combo! That bottom shelf has a small selection of some Olivia stuff that made the journey with me and the top shelf has a picture frame that is yet-to-be-filled. Tomorrow’s task, perhaps.

 And that’s it for now!!! I haven’t slept well at all the past few nights, so please excuse the somewhat rocky writing in this post.


Thanks for checking it out!


Come visit! The door is always open. Metaphorically.