This weekend was my first full weekend in the Tri-State area, and what a weekend it was.

Friday: With moving and Guatemala and all that good stuff, I’ve missed out on a lot of movies:

1. Live Free or Die Hard

2. Transformers

3. License to Wed

4. Sicko

5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

So, Friday night we took our first chip off the block and saw the fast, furious and fun ride that is Live Free or Die Hard. There are a few movie theaters in the immediate area of my apartment, and being that I know absolutely nothing about any of them, I just picked the one that had the best time. I headed over to the National Amusements on Mall Road and caught my movie for… 7 bucks. Now, while that’s still probably pricey to some, or at least nothing to celebrate about, it definitely made me smile considering the movie prices at home are well above 10 bucks at every theater. I knew I moved for a good reason. 

Anyway, back to the movie:

I was a bit timid on seeing this one alone at first, as I am sure it would have been fun to have someone there to double check everything I just saw with, but I cannot remember the last time I had that much fun at a movie. Period. Well paced, hot and exhilarating action sequences, paired with well-written action movie comedy (delivered masterfully by Bruce Willis) and a supporting cast that was there to tie together one of the most awesome summer action movies I’ve ever seen. I mean, Mac and Kevin Smith, for cryin’ out loud! However, everything that I could have wanted to say has been said by my friend John over at his ‘should-be-gettin’-paid-for-this’ blog.  Check it out. You will not be sorry.

I hadn’t eaten dinner before the movie and for one reason or another during the movie developed a really intense craving for food, more specifically pita and hummus. So after the movie I headed over to my local Kroger and picked up some Spicy Three Pepper hummus and the closest substitute I could find for pita, this weird wrap bread for kids. It somewhat served its purpose as I huddled up on the couch for my snack and the first 20 minutes of Sin City before I was long gone in Sleep City.

Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday I was slated to head up to my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Tim’s house in Hilliard, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) to spend time with them, my cousins Brandon, Brian and Bradley and my Grandma. When working out the details of the whole weekend, I had told Aunt Lynn I wanted to take the boys to see Harry Potter and she said that it was fine but also asked if I would be willing to take her place in her softball game on Sunday so she could give her arm a rest (more on this in a bit.).

So I got down to Hilliard  where my cousin Brandon made me a grilled cheese sandwich and I sat and chatted with Grandma for a bit before we headed over to my Aunt’s neighbor’s house to meet her daughter and fiance, a born and raised Cincinnatian (if that’s even what you call ’em.). After that Brandon and I threw a softball around the backyard for a bit. I played ball for 14 years, but haven’t touched a glove in about 4, so this would definitely be an interesting experience. After a bit of throwing,

Brian and


And I headed over to perhaps the coolest movie theater I’ve ever been to, Movie Tavern for a 5 dollar matinee of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Movie Tavern is set up like a restaurant in the front and when you head past the ticket taker you are handed a menu that is filled with everything from burgers, to salads, to pizza and steaks and a dessert menu, too! Your seats in the theater are comfy office chairs and there’s a counter in front of you with a dim light, just bright enough not to disturb movie watching, but bright enough to allow for neat and tidy food eating, too. You can order throughout the movie and though I can imagine for some it’s distracting that people were ordering and eating during the movie, but I was too sucked into the magic to even notice. Since my Aunt was making a delicious steak dinner for us when we got home, we ordered sodas and enjoyed the show. I’ll tell you one thing, I cannot wait to head back to Movie Tavern for a dinner and a movie the right way.

Anyway, I’ll post my review of the movie in a different post as I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

When we got home, Aunt Lynn needed to run to the market real quick and when she found out that my car was stick, she asked if she could drive to the market because she hadn’t driven manual in over 20 years. So, with a little simple refresher instruction, she got us to Kroger and back like a champ.

Once home from Kroger, Aunt Lynn finished making us a delicious dinner of steaks, grapes, amazingly sweet and fresh strawberries and my grandpa’s world famous potato salad (If you tried it, you’d think it was world famous, too. And If you could have met my grandpa, you’d say just about everything he did was world famous, too.).

After dinner we hung around the house a little bit and then it was time for dessert which consisted of s’mores in the backyard.

Uncle Tim, Brian and Bradley roast their marshmallows.

Brandon displays and enjoys a perfectly constructed s’more.

Then some general lounging around the house and playing with Darby and Seebee (the dogs).

Uncle Tim and Seebee (who is looking more and more like an Ewok every day.)

Then the 3 B’s and I camped out in the family room.

This morning, Aunt Lynn woke us up with the amazing smell of homemade waffles and after everyone was good a full from that, we headed of to their church where I met more people and friends of my family than I could even begin to count. After church, we came home for a breath and some sammiches for lunch before it was off to the softball game.

During my senior season of softball, I developed tendinitis in my right elbow and after throwing the ball with Brandon, it was definitely acting up in my shoulder, too. It hurt bad, but nothing I couldn’t play through. I played third base and batted .333, which was much better than I had expected to do. We lost 7-6, but I definitely had a good time. Brandon and I both walked away with battle wounds, but his were much more exciting than mine:

Sliding into home on a close play to stick it to their jerk of a pitcher. And he was safe! What a champ!

After the game we headed back where I took a little cat nap and we had a dinner of brats and veggies. Delish.

One thing I’ve really been needing in my life since the move is some Trader Joes for my marketing. So, on  the way out of Hilliard, Aunt Lynn and I hit up the TJs near her house where I picked up some pumpkin seeds, tea tree soap, dried hibiscus flowers, pita bread and some Two Buck Chuck, which is actually Three Thirty-Nine Buck Chuck, so go figure.

All-in-all, I’d say it was a pretty excellent weekend. Let’s hear it guys! What were you up to!?