Not really a huge news update, but a news update, and an excuse to post this photo:

According to the good people over at The Rushmore Academy, we’ve recently learned that Personal Favorite Filmmaker Wes Anderson’s fifth full-length film has a new release date of OCTOBER 5 instead of the previously thought, “sometime in December, 2007.” Darjeeling Limited will open the New York Film Festival the week before, accompanied by a limited release.

The film follows three brothers played by Eli Cash, Max Fischer and The Pianist that battles Kong, on a journey across the Indian subcontinent after the death of their father (rumored to be played by and later reincarnated as a white tiger voiced by none other than Herman Blume.).  Etheline Tenenbaum and Natalie Portman also star in the film that’s already getting quite a flurry of fantastic whispers from around the internet.  (For a little more info, check out this scan from Entertainment Weekly.)

Speaking of Fantastic…

The Rushmore Academy is also reporting that the release date of Wes Anderson’s sixth full-length film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, will be November 2009. Based on the Roald Dahl book of the same title, Fox will also be Anderson’s first animated film. Early rumors of some voice actors? The Cloon and Cate Blanchett. As you well know, Blanchett played the extremely lovely and very preggers reporter, Jane Winslett-Richardson, in 2004’s whimsical underwater adventure, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou.

What will I be doing with myself until October 5? Well, for one thing, I need to confront my inner desires to see Hairspray after I caught Christopher Walken on The Daily Show last night.