This past Friday saw the release of Sunshine, the sci-fi thriller about the expiration of the sun, directed by Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Trainspotting, Millions). My original motivation to see this film was the fact that it’s starring Future Husband Cillian Murphy. As an astronaut. In space. With science fiction. And thrills. Which is friggin’ cool. The film is getting some pretty decent reviews, so the fire under my butt to get out and see it has been slightly increased.

Well, let’s call that one full blast as reports are flying in that The Darjeeling Limited has a trailer attached to this film. I think I’m going tomorrow. For those that can’t make it out to the movie, you had better believe that I am watching like a hawk for this thing to pop up online.

 In other “go see this movie because of the trailer,” news, John’s been reporting on The Dark Knight’s teaser trailer being attached to some copies of The Simpsons Movie that’s being released to some very anxious crowds this Friday. Oh, and there are a bunch of people who want to see the movie, too. 🙂