I didn’t want to blog about the orgy of celebrity that’s happening in Hollywood right now over Becks’ and Posh’s arrival to the states to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy, but… at least one thing is worth being mentioned after looking through the photos in this article.

Lil Kim no longer looks like a real person and this, in turn, absolutely terrifies me.


I mean, she always looked kind of “WOAH,” and while I am glad not to have to stare at a kind-of covered up breast, this just creeps me out. As in, I’m going to stop looking at it. Now.

PS- I  love Katie Holmes’ new haircut. Ah-Dorable. Speaking of ah-dorable, have you seen this picture of Katie and cutest little kid, Suri?

That’s the cutest fake pregnancy baby I ever seen. And is it just me, or does Suri look way older than 1 in that picture? Hmm… Very curious.