Did you know that Mindy Kaling, the lovely actress who plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office, also writes some of the episodes? Most notably, Ben Franklin, The Injury and The Dundies? If these sterling classic Office episodes weren’t instant proof of her admirable and fantastic wit and clever-ness, she officially has a blog that is one of the funniest things I’ve read. It’s pretty much all about shopping and girly stuff (Or as Kelly would say [in one of my favorite Kelly lines], “pretty much anything that is awesome.”), but the fact that I can picture her/Kelly talking exactly like this is written, is pretty excellent.

 Not to mention this weekend I, too, bought a lot of things that I love. I’ll totally indulge you, if you’d care to know.

 Also, in other fantastic blogging news, my baby baby brother, Clayton, officially has his own blog over here at Reganomics! Only the wittiest 17-year old I can possibly think of, he’s already written about Becks in the U.S. and a pretty good album review. If ever there were an expert on all things James Bond and Jason Bourne, Clayton is it and I am most looking forward to his side-by-side comparison of the two coming soon. Excellent. Check out what the little dude is up to!