I think that until I find a new job, every week when I get a new box of Tazo tea from Starbucks, I’ll post it’s totally pretentious and eye-rolling description on the blog.

If you missed last week’s, it’s right here.

This week, we travel to India (How Darjeeling Limited of us!) for Tazo’s “reincarnation” of traditional, Chai Tea, usually native to South Asia and the Middle East.  Chai actually just means “tea” in many languages of this region and is probably one of my favorites. It’s kind of a spicy black tea and tastes great with steamed milk and cinnamon powder.

Starbucks, however, describes the tea as this:

“A rich blend of teas and spices in the style of the hill dwellers of the Himalayas.”

“The hill dwellers of the Himalayas” makes me think of that nice man in Batman Begins that Bruce leaves Henri with after he very kindly, politely and quietly leaves the League of Shadows and informs them that he is no murderer. “I tell him you save his liiiiife.”

ANYWAY, our little “mood music, or description, for this fine product is:

“Throughout India, chai wallahs can be found serving up steaming cups of sweetly spiced chai to wandering souls. You’re with them now.”

 And this is why I need a new job.