Meet Kermit The Nano!

This afternoon when I was heading out to the wonderful Newport on the Levee for lunch and an afternoon movie, there was a loud knock at my door. Louder than necessary, I thought, but I went to answer it anyway. There wasn’t anyone there, so when I ruled out that it was The Joker coming to get me, I looked down and saw a box placed there by my mailman. The return address was from my brother, Iain, so I opened it an inside I found my birthday/graduation present from him! An iPod Nano! That I named Kermit The Nano! It’s totally cool and exciting and a new toy, so I’m happy.

When I went to my mailbox, it was flooded with birthday cards from home. Even Mookie sent me one! And one from The President. It was exciting stuff, guys, let me tell ya.