It’s been a pretty dry Summer for Grey’s updates around The Babble, but last season left me on uneven ground with our friends over at Seattle Grace Hospital. I felt that towards the end of the season, the show really started to lose its bearings and started to become one of those promiscuous soap operas I had avoided by getting into Grey’s in the first place.  If you go here, you can read my review of the season finale, as well as a quote from Shonda Rhimes that gave me hope that Season 4 might be something different and something better.  For the sake of this post, here’s that quote again:

“So that’s it.  That was our season.  I did my level best to burn it all down this season, to burn it to the ground so that we can have a place to build from next season.  Burning it down was hard.  But next season…oh, next season is all about the fun and the pain and the new beginnings.  Because our interns are going to become residents.  Because everyone is single again — well, there is the little matter of Izzie and George and Callie…but still…”

I was personally really glad to see that revelation from Rhimes. It was good to know that she understood that she pretty much destroyed everything they had built up. And while I always thought it was for the sake of cheap drama, I can see now that it was also for the sake of being able to rebuild everything in the fall.

Season 4 is going to be a huge change, let’s have a look why

– Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) is no longer associated with Grey’s Anatomy. In fact, he’s been signed on for a short run with NBC’s Bionic Woman series this fall. What I find most interesting about that is that there are reports that Washington was talking with NBC Exec Ben Silverman long before his off-screen drama occurred. If you go here, you can read Shonda’s interview on the topic. Hmmm… I really do think that Washington is a spectacular actor and I am a firm believer that his off-screen antics truly got in the way of the development they were hoping would take place in Season 3. Oh, well.

But, with losing a friend we gain apparently three more. If you watched the season finale, you’re well aware that George is out (of the program at least), and Lexie Grey (Meredith’s half-sister) is in. Set to be played by Chyler Leigh (who’s been seen around your TV set on various shows like The Practice and Reunion.). As much as I think this might be throwing us in the wrong direction, I’m trusting you, Shonda. No word yet as to who the other two interns are.

Private Practice is geared up and ready to go for its Fall launch date. Starring Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery, the story follows her character’s tail-between-her-legs departure from Seattle Grace to the bright and sunny shores of Los Angeles. This is not only the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard, but for a while made me incredibly angry, especially since throughout the end of season 2 and the first half of season 3, Addison was my favorite character on the show, by a long shot. I’m really not planning on following this show, gang. I might watch the first few episodes, but don’t expect any news updates. If you’re into the show, and bless you if you are, you can get your fix here.

-Finally, an AP interview with Shonda herself about the fate of Season 4 reveals, once again, that she is well aware of the mess she’s created on the show. She admits that her characters took a “darker journey” last season with the death and infidelity that occurred, but also hopes that people are going to stick with the show as they’re going to “get back to having fun” next season. This actually kind of makes me happy to read that. I think that it’s important to realize that it really was not fun to watch that second half of Grey’s. And as I’ve said before, it’s a shame that it was because of so much off-screen drama. And in my opinion, the fun episodes of Grey’s (Season 3’s camping episode which will go down as my all time favorite Grey’s EVER.) are always, always the best. They know how to write witty and they know how to write drama and they can pair those two like mac n’ cheese. I just hope we remember how to keep things on an even keel over there at SGH. I like that she’s previously admitted to burning it all down, but I hope this means that Season 4 won’t start with everyone having massive amnesia and forgetting everything that has happened.

And so, it’s with that I also introduce you to our newest tag on The Babble, simply titled, Grey’s Anatomy. While I’m working on a better title, you’ll be able to find all the Grey’s News and Reviews right over there.

So let’s press on to sometime in September for the premiere of Season 4. Rhimes herself said, “This season will be the redemption from that mayhem.” Let’s hope she’s right.