(Newsflash! Newsflash, Applejack!! Apparently, TDL will be premiering at the Venice Film Festival alongside a 12 minute short film of Anderson’s co-starring Schwartzman and Natalie Portman! Awesome! And, contrary to previous rumors/beliefs, Portman’s part in TDL is only a cameo.)

Look here!

Fox Searchlight has posted the official Darjeeling Limited site, and while there isn’t much up there yet, it is still pretty cool.

There are some production photos you can look at, my favorite being this one, a section with links to information about and photos of India, and lots of other interesting little things to play around with.

Can’t wait for this one, gang. It opens the New York Film Festival on September 29th and then will slowly, but surely make its way into a theater near us.

Owen, Jason, Adrien, Bill, Anjelica… Can you see how incredible this is going to be?