I want to start out this post by giving out a great big “Thank You” to everyone who made my birthday awesome and excellent. And a special thanks to those who have made going to my little mailbox so excellent and exciting these past few days 🙂 Today, however, we got something very… special in our mailbox.

It was my birthday present from my good friends Eric and Aaron back in Los Angeles. Knowing Eric, it was likely to be something odd and zany. But knowing Aaron, and knowing he just got back from an architecture program in Italy, I thought it could be something Italian. Like a piece of Pope memorabilia, or even some pizza. But knowing Eric…

I opened the package that was sent from a company called “WHERE ON EARTH?” This had to be good. And it was. I think:

It’s a real Cane toad…


Coin purse/key chain.

With the item came a small card that described the item in great detail, but I think that this highlight of Eric’s e-mail says it best:

 “I wonder if they described the toad in the package?  They imported them from Hawai’i to eat a certain kind of beetle, but it didn’t, and when animals ate them, they’d die.  So they were covered with TONS of living beetles and dead dogs.  There are a million similar Australian gaffes.  This is why I love that country.  Now whenever they see one of those toads, they kill them, just like with bunnies.  Did you know that the Outback, the inner part of Australia that makes the continent completely uninhabitable beyond the coasts, was once green and lush?  A British sporting man, for kicks, set free a hundred or so rabbits for hunting and to see how they’d survive the terrain.  Next thing they knew, the bunnies sexed and sexed and sexed and before long all of the green was eaten, the plants dead.  Fucking hilarious.”

Well, I do love a unique gift.

 The website that it came from is pretty interesting, too. So look for a post of some interesting finds on that pretty soon.