One of the best/worst shows on TV is FX’s “disturbingly perfect” drama, Nip/Tuck. It’s safe to say that I’m addicted to the damage that watching the show does to my soul, and I enjoy every single minute of it.

So, allow me to share with you some Old/New Nip/Tuck News/Snippets. That was a lot of ‘/’ ing. (Not only has Nip/Tuck chipped away at my soul, but apparently my control of the forward slash key. I’m all a mess, baby.)

  • Old: At the end of Season 4 (which ended so incredibly wonderful and perfect, I want it on DVD now) we learned that the offices of McNamara/Troy would be relocating to Hollywood. Did you hear me? Oh, NEXT SEASON THE OFFICES OF MCNAMARA/TROY IS MOVING TO HOLLYWOOD! You should have heard Dr. Troy’s reaction. Or seen it. (I really should stop watching this show. Now.) If you’ve been watching FX, you might have caught the teaser, which is SUCH a tease, for Season 5… Or, the opening of the McNamara/Troy Hollywood office.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s here:
  • Old: Creator of the series, Ryan Murphy, who is responsible for so much of what comes through to our TV sets is indeed returning for the 5th season. Which also is going to have 22 episodes. Which is 7 more than we got in Season 4. Which makes me pretty excited. From what I can see is that they are (thankfully) getting rid of Dirt by giving it a run of 4 or possibly 5 episodes at the beginning of FX’s Fall season and then letting the extended Nip/Tuck steal the Fall and carry it straight through to Spring.
  • John reported on the lovely and talented Jolie Richardson returning to the series as Julia McNamara after some family issues that made her future with the show a bit cloudy. I’m glad to see her back, because that’s a story that’s going to be interesting to develop, especially given the new surroundings and the old drama that exists between Julia and Sean, played by the magnificent and tragically underrated Dylan Walsh (Who I have developed such a crush on. That photo up there? Yikes. Hot.). There’s also some mutterings of other guest stars there… and…
  • Here! Oliver Platt!! Who is so totally hilarious and crazy and cool and awesome, I know he’s going to be perfect for everything that Nip/Tuck wants to bring his way. Especially given the character he’s playing. Excellent. Also, Portia De Rossi, who you should know as Lindsay Bluth from infinitely adored and missed, Arrested Development, will be playing a “manipulative lesbian mother”. I wonder if she’s going to get the “beak” fixed on her “bird” of a daugther.
  • This is News to me: For those who watched Season 4, I highly doubt that you’ve so easily forgotten Rosie O’Donnell’s role as Dawn Budge, the crass, homely and tragically, well, tragic, character who goes from living in a trailer with her daughter and husband to winning the lottery and spending it on services at McNamara/Troy, both surgical and… er… otherwise. Well, Dawn is back in Season 5 and I can’t even begin to think of how it’s going to go down this time. Also, in the same article, you can read how there are “talks” of a Dawn Budge spinoff series. Which seems like a bit much to me, but I’m not thinking much of it. Everyone seems to be having “talks” of a spinoff these days. I doubt it happens.

And that brings us up to date. Roma Maffia (who I LOVE as Liz Cruz, the anaesthesiologist around the office) is also scheduled to make the move with The Boys, and early reports are saying that Matt (The… son.) will be making the move to Los Angeles, as well, to attend Med School, while his Baby’s Momma, Kimber, falls deeper into Scientology and porn. Faaaaantastic.

Hopefully by October 30, 2007 at 10 PM, I’m done praying for my salvation and can peacefully enjoy one of the best 22 episode seasons of television, ever. Can’t wait.