Preface: For those who don’t know, last Friday I got a brand new, abso-freakin’-lutely beautiful HDTV that I’m calling Darryl Hannah. She’s a beaut and the answer to your question is ‘Yes.’ I have developed a very deep and interpersonal relationship with my television set. Sue me.

Since I got the TV I’ve been watching a crap ton of Food Network because everything looks high-def enough to eat right off the screen. Watching all of this Food Network and having to prepare all my meals for myself, has really made me realize how much I truly do love cooking and spending time in the kitchen. So, you can imagine my excitement when last Sunday on my adventures around Boone County with Taylor and Joe, we stopped at a few farmer’s markets and we were able  to buy pretty peppers, potatoes, green beans, giant onions, sweet corn, eggplant, delicious cantalope and homemade jam! In fact, that night, Joe, Taylor and I used some of our new ingredients to make quite the filling and delicious dinner! But, I was pretty upset when I realized that because of work scheduling or other commitments (like seeing SUPERBAD tonight!! Full report later, I promise!) I wouldn’t be cooking a nice meal for myself until Tuesday! Well, all my delicious veggies will be no where near fresh by then, so I took today’s special circumstance to make myself a fantastic and easy late lunch/early dinner!


I figured that a good way to use up some of these veggies would be to make some sort of concoction where I could use a lot of them at once. Being that I had one bell pepper that I was especially anxious to try, as well as some other things, I decided to make a stuffed bell pepper with ground turkey and some other fun veggies, too.

First I put the ground turkey and EVOO on the skillet and let it get pretty well cooked before I threw on the veggies that I knew wouldn’t take too long to cook. While the turkey was cooking up, I cut off the top of my round bell pepper and cleaned out the inside and once that was cleaned out, I rubbed basil and garlic powder all on the inside of the pepper, because as you should know by now, I cannot cook without garlic.

When the turkey was pretty well cooked, I put in a diced onion, sliced garlic, crushed garlic, Hungarian hot pepper and some oregano, salt and basil and a few dashes of Tabasco. When the onions started to look a little toasty, I threw on some ketchup to cool off the heat brought on by the Hungarian hot peppers and the Tabasco. When everything was simmering, I threw on the pepper, open side down to the skillet and let it get a little bit soft and let the basil and garlic get it on before they were rudely interruped by the Ground Turkey Gang which got scooped into the pepper by an ice cream scooper and left to soak up the heat on the skillet for about 5 minutes. When that was all said and done, I covered the top with shredded mozzarella cheese (my favorite) and basil and let it all continue hang out while I started to clean up my cooking mess.

 Once all was said and done, and I decided it was still plenty spicy, I put a squirt of Ranch dressing on the plate to help cool down my mouth if it ended up spontaneously catching on fire from the Hungarian hots. I’m glad I did because it was… whew. Spicy. But good spicy, not flavor-masking spicy.

And that’s that!

Who knows, maybe someday soon, I’ll muster up the courage to once again face my fear of cooking fish.


Til next time, let’s go cooking!