The last two movies I saw in theaters cost me zero dollars. And the only thing better than free movies, is free movies that are also pretty awesome. The Bourne Ultimatum (which I have yet to get around to writing anything substantial about because every time I try to find the words, my brain goes numb and all I see is Jason kicking 27 kinds of ass, including mine), was the first, and tonight I had free passes to see Superbad. So, my cousin Nia and I hit up the Showcase Theaters in Norwood for our free sneak preview flick. Superawesome.

(Yep, that really is Dave Krumholtz. I know. I know.)

Written by Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, The 40-Year Old Virgin) and Evan Goldberg, and directed by Greg Mottola (who directed three episodes of blog famous Arrested Development), Superbad is a funky fresh teen sex comedy that takes it way past second base on the first date, but come morning after, you’re pretty glad it did. 

I went into this movie with absolutely no idea of just how raunchy it was going to be. And I guess I forget some of the bawdy, lowbrow humor from Virgin and Knocked Up, but we all know it was there, and sometimes, you just need that guilt-filled, borderline shocking laughter that can sometimes come all too easy.  It’s one of those movies that takes place over the course of one long day and at the end of the evening is, of course, a massive party where the ultimate goal of high school is to be carried out in full. That goal of course being, getting the hot girls drunk enough to sleep with you and send you off to college a well weathered sex god. And it goes without mention that the sex gods to be should be played by none other than Michael Cera (Arrested Development) and Jonah Hill (Knocked Up). Cera plays Evan, who to adults and those around him, is exactly like I would imagine George Michael from Arrested Development. Suit-wearing, well mannered, Quicken deducting George Michael in all of his nerdities, but when you get him anywhere near his best friend since elementary school, Seth (Hill), the profanity and obscenities fly far and free. Egg would not approve.  And to be totally honest, if it wasn’t coming from Cera, it would have just been awkward. But both boys deliver the most crude and explicative lines with the grace and, oddly enough, maturity of dirty, grown up men. In fact, I’m not entirely convinced that Michael Cera isn’t really 37 years old.

Heck, even if he isn’t 37 years old, he’s one of the most talented young actors I’ve ever seen and you can take that to the bank.

Because as one can imagine, life is anything but easy when you’re 17 and trying to accomplish your “goals”, the entire day is filled with scenarios and obstacles that take them through some of the most terrifying and hilarious situations that one could imagine, including becoming tragically separated from and losing their third amigo, Fogel, aka McLovin from the previews (newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse), to the best cop team I’ve ever seen, Officers Michaels and Slater, played by Bill Hader (SNL) and Rogen. Together, these three gave me the heartiest laughs of the whole movie and I’d love to see the buddy cop movie of Michaels and Slater’s patrol around town. The two of them made my face hurt from laughing so hard and there are not enough good things to say about how hilariously and awesomely Mintz-Plasse was able to compete with these two. Together, the three of them were by far my favorite part of the movie and I’m still all tickled just thinking about it.

For a while, you’re sitting there wondering how they can possibly end this movie with the crass humor that’s being thrown at you from left and right, but in an effort to avoid spoilers, I’ll just let you know that it ends in a way that’s perfect for what it is and keeps the spirits high long after the credits roll.

From top to bottom this movie is hilarious. From the shadowbox dancing of Cera and Hill at the beginning, the incredibly raunchy laughs that you have throughout and the stellar and fantastic performances of everyone involved, it’s just a good, dirty, supergreat time.

Superbad gets superreleased nationwide on August 17th. Check it out.

(Oh! And if you’re interested, I put a link on the blogroll over there, but, Michael Cera and his friend Clark Duke (who has a minuscule role in the movie)  have an absolutely hilarious website that features videos and further proof that Michael Cera really is a) 37 and b) funnier than you.)

 True Story: In front of us in the theater, there was this older couple, probably in their seventies. I imagine that their conversation at home went something like this: (For the sake of the story, their names are Max and Erma.)

Max: Erm, I went to that place that all the young folks go, Ha-bah-ner-o’s near the University today for lunch.

Erma: Oh?

Max: Yes, and at the counter, I noticed they were giving out free passes to go see a movie called “Super-Bad,” so I picked us up a pass. It’s for two people, so we could make it a date.

Erma: (Looks at the pass) Oh! It’s staring that lovely boy George Michael from Arrested Development! What a charming young man! Oh! And look! It’s that adorable little girl from the Pepsi commercials, all grown up! She’s put on a few pounds, but it’s her. I’d know those curls anywhere. Let’s go to bible study and then the movie. I think it sounds like a lovely evening, Dear.

Poor Max & Erma. Max was hard of hearing so he had to rent one of those headsets from the theater so he could hear the movie better, and I almost wish he hadn’t. A lot of the awkwardness in the movie was knowing that *beeeeeeeeeeep* was being pumped into Max’s head at a very high volume, just so he could hear every little last profanity and slur for female anatomy. Needless to say, they didn’t quite stay until the end. So much for Thursday night dates.