Okay, so if you’ve been watching the news, you’d notice that I live in that lucky region of the country that’s getting slammed with the worst heat and humidity ever this past week. It’s been wretched and on top of it all, my air condition was on the blitz. I was kind of timid at first to call maintenance because I wanted to completely rule out operator error and avoid embarrassment, but last night was the final straw.

I am a finicky sleeper. I can’t sleep without some sort of blanket on me, and if it’s too hot for blankets, I just can’t sleep. I was absolutely miserable last night and it was at about 1:30 in the morning when my thermostat was at 88 and my temper was nearing 110 over the fact that I hadn’t slept a wink and had to be up for work in 3 hours. I decided I was going to call maintenance. Since he’s come to fix it, my A/C has gone down 8 degrees and is now sitting nicely at 80. Which is still warm, but I’m not sweating just by sitting here. 

I’m on my way back out into the heat to the Boone County Fair, so here’s hoping that when I get home tonight, I walk into a wall of ice.

We’re going to follow this story to the bitter end, Interns.

 UPDATE! Success! I slept in flannel PJ bottoms last night because when I got home it was 68 degrees in this puppy! Life is GOOD!