Is it bloody hot and humid where you are, too? Is your air conditioning also being similarly difficult? Are you also waiting for your maintenance man to decide he’s bored and can come fix your stuff NOW? Sheesh. I am. It’s freakin’ killin me, Smalls!

For a long (possibly) awaited Phriday Foto, I bring you a little taste of The Flo (don’t call it that).

We really do have quite the array of wonderful water towers

The Official.

The Artsy.

The Infamous.

To answer your question, “I have no idea.”

Fifty SchruteBucks to the person that can figure that out.

I just noticed this yesterday morning on my way to Starbucks School. It’s on the main road that I have to take to get pretty much any and everywhere.  It makes my skin crawl. Stop pointing at me, Glenn Beck. I don’t like you.

Tonight I’m headed off to the Boone County Fair and I’m sure there will be quite a few photos from that. Stay tuned!