Let’s chat about insects. The last time I truly studied insects was in Mrs. Saylor’s third grade class. We had this project where we’d have to get a milk carton and half a pantyhose and create some sort of habitat for an insect we were supposed to bring into class. Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you when I say that my insect was practically the largest and most bad ass moth you’ve ever seen. Mothra-esque, to say the least. We found it the morning I was supposed to bring it in to school and it was, to this day, the biggest insect I’d ever seen and it lived the longest of any in the class. I’m still not entirely convinced it wasn’t actually Mothra. Moving on.

In any event, I really am not up and fresh on my insect knowledge and I wish that I was. For today, when I went to my outside storage closet to deposit of a few items, I noticed something stuck to the inside of the door. Behold my photographic evidence:

It appears to me that it’s a butterfly in some sort of “cocoon” phase and that one day I will open the storage closet and hundreds of butterflies will spill out. There is, of course, the chance that it isn’t even this at all, but something totally terrible and terrifying. Like locust. Or snakes. But I don’t even know if there is a hint of accuracy or logic in that reasoning. Time will tell, I suppose.

So put on your entomology hats, Interns. Let’s I.D. this son-of-a-gun.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated and will be further investigated.