I do love you, Rachael, really, I do. But I must admit that I’ve become very tired of waiting for your next album to come out. I know it’s going to be wonderful, and I know it’s going to be fantastic, I just wish it wasn’t taking so long. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just expressing my feelings on the matter. In case you were interested.

So, while we may be coming up on year 4 of waiting for the follow-up to her 2004 album, Happenstance (that still kicks my ass every time I listen to it), she has been touring. Very, very, very sparingly and as of very soon, you’re going to be able to catch Ms. Yamagta on tour with none other than Ms. Mandy Moore, who was most recently caught sharing the sack with my Main Man and Future Husband, John Crushinski in License to Wed (Which I still have to see. I’m the worst Future Wife ever. I’m waiting for Dollar Theater.).

Mandy’s a doll. I wish she didn’t have to sing in her movies, but there is no part of me doubts that she’s an absolutely wonderful person.

Mandy and Rachael have written together on many occasions and actually, when I most recently saw Rachael at Hotel Cafe back in L.A., Mandy was there in the audience and she really is that beautiful.

So, here’s a link to the tour dates. Like I said, I really don’t think that any of us are able to check ’em out, with an exception of Katy, but it’s good to know that Rachael is doing something substantial with her life and talents. Whoops, did I say that out loud?