“Geeeeeeeeeeeeeene Parmesan!!!”

Tonight, Amigos, in honor of my brother Clayton’s return from Italy, I stole a recipe from Giada, that spicy little I-talian number they have on Food Network, and cooked Mushroom Parmesan for the Vegetarians and me. Satisfying, rich and flavorful. It was definitely a good choice. More, more! After the jump!

I made a homemade fresh tomato marinara sauce which turned out to be awesome. I didn’t want too spicy or too hearty of a sauce and this one was sweet and juicy and tasted so bright and fresh. I made it from scratch (including peeling my own tomatoes! Messy! Crazy messy!) except for the tomato paste. I’m not even sure what tomato paste is. Or how I would “paste” a tomato in the first place. So that was made possibly by Kroger. Thanks, Krogeys.

Green peppers, onion, garlic, basil, oregano, fennel, tomato, tomato, tomato, salt, pepper, sugar and more basil.

Today I had my first run-in with Remke Markets. Which pretty much is a crappy supermarket in the guise of something fancy and therefore thinks it can charge whatever it likes, however much I might not like it. I had to buy the portabello mushroom heads there and noticed that they sell “not-so-fresh” produce at a reduced price. And by “not-so-fresh” I mean potentially diseased. Nice fancy market, jerk faces. 

ANYWAY, when I got back to the apartment I shredded up the fresh mozzarella cheese and the parmesan for my mushrooms and began to play with Giada’s recipe. You have to cook the mushroom heads on the stove for a little bit until they’re “tender,” and since I’ve never dealt with a mushroom of this size, let alone in this manner, I didn’t know what was going to happen. But, as you might have guessed, nothing exciting happened. But was braced.


This dish is pretty easy yet very complex when it comes to the flavors, but it’s interesting and different and I absolutely loved it.

“Mushrooooooom Parmesan!!!”

The Veggies and I ate up pretty good and after dinner we headed down to the corner UDF for some ice cream treats where we learned that you should a) Beware of tricky UDF suggestive saleswomen, and b) Don’t ever, ever, ever buy the sample.

Til next time, let’s go cooking!