I’ve never missed a show more than I miss The Office. Right now.  

Remember one month ago today when I reported to you the up and coming project from NBC, The Office 360?

Well, while we’re still waiting for the full-fledged creation of this new obsession, the official Dunder-Mifflin website was recently launched. Head on over. It’s pretty well put together and you can read the press release for Ryan Howard’s promotion. And if you look along the top there, you see a link for ‘Intranet,’ and I bet that’s where The Office 360 will find a home. You can best believe I’ll keep a close eye on all developments here.

If you’re achin’ for some Dunder-Mifflin like I am, ‘The Negotiation’ will be airing tonight on NBC! Check it out, loves! I don’t think I’ve discussed that one blog-side yet. So who knows what the rest of our night will bring!! Oh, the mystery!