Not being in school is weird. Like, you suddenly have *time* and you learn to fill that time with useless and mindless television watching and zoning out. It’s kind of nice, but leads to a whole lotta nothing and in my case, and acute sense of self-loathing.

Why the self-loathing? Well, mainly because I’ve gotten sucked into some absolutely terrible television. Fully aware of the fact that it’s terrible, I am head-over-heels addicted.

The most prominent player in this little scenario is that Vh1 CelebReality show, Scott Baio is 45 and Single, or as I’ve come to call it Scott Baio is 45 and a F’ing D-Bag. It’s one of those shows that I never really want to watch, but every time I sit down to zone out, it’s on and I, like a sucker, tune in.

The season finale is tonight and I’m getting ready to learn, once and for all, why Scott Baio is 45 and single (In the words of David Cross, “As if anyone really gives a shit.”) 

(Okay, I just saw a commercial for the long awaited Georgia Rule DVD release and there was not one clip of Lindsay Lohan in that whole commercial. Ha!)

UPDATE: Hahahahahahaha. Did anyone else actually watch this last night? No? Well! Shameless Spoiler: While Scott Baio will tell you he’s 45 and single because he’s “always looking for the next best thing,” I’ll tell you it’s because he’s probably 45 going on 19. His best friend is the kind of guy that haunts a young woman’s worst nightmares. And his other best friend, Jason Hervey (Wayne from The Wonder Years) is similarly a total jerk. Married, with kids, and a total jerk.  I love when Scott does the Rob Gordon and goes back to all of his ex-girlfriends to try and find out why they broke up, or why he’s 45 and single. And it’s the most retarded thing ever. Why? On the way over to the woman’s house, he’ll admit to the camera that he cheated on her. Nine times out of ten. Gee, Scott, I wonder.  Anyway, he ends up proposing to his girlfriend, Renee, at the end of the night and she tells him that she’s pregnant. And does 45 and not-so-single anymore Scott Baio love the idea and outwardly express excitement to his wife-to-be? No, of course not. In traditional D-Bag fashion, he stares like a deer in the headlights as I am sure everyone who was watching saw the title now, “Scott Baio is 45 and a Deadbeat Dad.” Can’t wait.

 (On a different note, I am constantly amazed at the words that make it into our daily lexicon. I’m constantly amazed when these words find their way into some of the most unexpected (sort of) places. As in 5 minutes ago on Headline News, Erica Hill used the word “nookie” to describe some of Britney Spears’ recent rehab romps.)