I’ve had this weird crush on Jason Schwartzman ever since I saw Rushmore. The kind of crush where all you want to do is sit over a bottle of wine and talk for hours about anything. It doesn’t help that he’s terribly handsome, a great actor, and as were going to see in September, a wonderful writer, too. I never really got into Phantom Planet, though I was always sure his musical abilities were stellar, just like everything else he does.

WELL! Proof that he’s freakin’ totally talented and worthy of my undying love and affection!

 Check out this interview with Jason. First thing that should pop out to you is the grace and intelligence with which he discusses Darjeeling.

“Years ago, Wes said to me, “I’d like to do a movie about brothers on a train,” and he wanted me to be one of the brothers. We ended up living together in Paris when he was promoting “The Life Aquatic” and I was filming “Marie Antoinette,” and the story crystallized. We’d walk around and tell each other stories about our lives, and we’d ask each other what these brothers were doing on the train and where they were going. It felt like a murder mystery that we were trying to figure out.”

I think one of the coolest things to hear about a movie before you watch it is the writing process. I love hearing about the things that inspired the wit and humor or the soul crushing drama. It’s good to see the enthusiasm on their end and see how well it translates to the finished project. I’ve seen too many movies with lazy and careless screenplays, it’s refreshing to know that there’s still a writing process out there, somewhere.

But! What I thought was cooler than cool about this whole thing, was the revealing of his solo-project, Coconut Records!! His multi-tracking is freakin’ awesome and all the songs I’ve heard so far are just super catchy (“West Coast” is my favorite!). I smell a ‘One Track Mind’ post in our near future…

Love it. Can’t wait to get the album and listen to it on my way to the theater to see The Darjeeling Limited!!!!

(Also! If you go to the official site for the movie, you can get eyefulls upon eyefulls of behind the scenes videos from shooting! Watch them! And then don’t tell me what happens.)