She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, Kid.

Ever since Food Network aired this cheeseburger making competition the other night, all I’ve wanted to do was make a fancy cheeseburger of my own. While everyone else there had super expensive ingredients and loads of time and experience, I thought I’d be able to make something happen in my little ol’ kitchen.

So, I tried. And it looks messy. And it was. But it was so good!

The meat is ground turkey with corn and sliced garlic mashed up in it. It gave the meat more of a texture instead of just… meat. Which don’t get me wrong, is totally delicious, but can be TOTALLY boring. The bottom is a veggie portion with sauteed spinach, garlic and onions. And for our topper, we grilled up a banana pepper and put it underneath a thin slice of Muenster cheese (That’s why the cheese is popping up like that.). I would have rather used something like mozzarella, but Muenster is what I had and it melted really well. Not too runny, not too stringy. Salt and pepper to taste and slide that puppy on top of a toasted wheat but with a lil bit of ranch dressing. “Yum-E!” (That’s going to be my rip on Rachael Ray catch phrase. Ya likes?!)

Til next time, eat your veggies, kiddies.