Well, it’s here. In my apartment. Right next to me. That’s right, gang, I’m talking about the Best Buy Gift Set for Season 3 of The Office. *Not only* does it come with a Dundie, a miniature Dwight Schrute bobblehead, a letter from Michael Scott AND a SchruteBuck, but hours, upon hours, upon hours of glorious Office extras. Deleted Scenes. Commentary. “Dwight Schrute Music Video” (What?!), and tons more. Pretty much, this is going to be the most awesome thing… ever.

Photos of the set coming tomorrow morning sometime.

And! To help us count down the days, hours and minutes until the premiere of Season 4 and to celebrate this truly beautiful DVD release, I’m going to try my absolute best, in groups of two or three, to re-cap the episodes from Season Three that I never officially wrote anything about on the blog as I watch them on the DVDs. I’ll start tomorrow with at least “Gay Witch Hunt” and “The Convention!” So, stay tuned, Dunder-Heads!