I want to pass down a sincere apology to all those who have found my recent bloggings, or lack there of, completely boring, uninformative and nothing you were promised (or not promised) back when we started this crazy thing. I haven’t forgotten you, no! I mean, we all make certain sacrifices as a result of having children, but no! Lord, no! (2 Points if you can name that movie)  In fact, I think about you constantly and how I’ve been a neglectful blogger ten million times over.

 I don’t have a real excuse, just busy and lazy and emotional and stressed, really. But, this past week has seen what I’m going to call my “Peter Gibbons Metamorphosis” and I’m chasing that feeling which continues on into this coming week where my work schedule is, to say the least, incredibly negligible.


I, Chelsea Margaret Acunis Graham, of the Montrose Grahams, do hereby vow to you, oh, Loyal and Wonderful Reader, that this week we will catch up, start up, and fill up our blogging appetites to the fullest.

 Yesterday, Silena and I were talking about how I should start writing tribute poems to Don Lemon and posting them on my blog. I think we’re going to go ahead and employ the Don Lemon Standard here at Sea Babble and will gauge how successful my “vacation” and blogging week is on if I actually write a Don Lemon Poem.

Please stick around, I promise we’ll have tons of fun!