Last night, my friend Anna (who just became a Registered Dietitian! Yay, Anna!) went to the National Fireworks Association Class “C” Competition at Perfect North in Lawrenceburg, Indiana with her lovely parents. I love, love, love fireworks shows, so I was definitely excited for the evening and it ended up being pretty awesome.

There was some low cloud coverage so the smoke wasn’t rising fast and a lot of the fireworks were going off behind a great big cloud of smoke. So, that was kind of dissapointing, but overall it was pretty cool especially because they were going off directly above our heads. Well, pretty cool until were were completely rained with ash and eventually water. As in, rain. But! It was still pretty awesome and you can check out a few pictures here.

The winner of the competition was a man named Jeremiah Smith who used Barenaked Ladies as a soundtrack to his show, so that was pretty awesome. After the competition was over, the finale was done by Rozzi’s Fireworks.  Rozzi was responsible for my second* eye-witness experience with a fireworks accident. Which was really scary, but I couldn’t help but watch from a reasonable distance. No one got hurt and it was all taken care of, but still.

(*My dad is very fond of putting on his own small scale fireworks displays in our backyard or at The Hebrank’s beach house in Channel Islands when we go up there for 4th of July. One night, in the backyard, he set one off that was sent straight up into the palm tree that was right next to our house. Everything was fine, no major harm done, but it was a bit startling.)