One of the most talented women rockin’ her shit in the music industry today is Garrison Starr. Once you start listening, there is no stopping. I’ve yet to hear one of her songs that wasn’t catchy, thoughtful and pure rocket powered rock n roll. And! She’s hilarious! And gorgeous! And incredibly sweet and kind!


If you haven’t checked her out, please do. Her 2006 release The Sound of You and Me is, from start to finish, one of the greatest albums ever. And since then, she’s been touring, recording a Fans’ Greatest Hits album and writing and recording another studio release! She is a Superhero, these days.

And ever since the first whisper of this next album, it’s been riddled with drama of not having a home and not having the support it needed (Meanwhile, I’m having a hard time finding anything else that’s being released that’s worth my fifteen bucks. ANYWAY…).

Update! I did research. Forget what I said earlier. Except for going to the show in Nashville. That part is still true. But. It looks like the album is due out on Thursday, October 18.  But, check this out. It looks like the 18th will be this “social networking release only” and then possibly sometime later in October (or maybe even December as previously reported) will have an actual hard copy release. Maybe it’ll be like Fiona’s MySpace release of EM? Stay tuned, gang.

One thing that I find so cool about this album is her will to get it released. I can only wish and hope that some artists *cough* Rachael Yamagata *cough* would take a cue from Ms. Starr and GET THEIR FRIGGIN ALBUM RELEASED! It’s that kind of dedication to her craft and her fans that once again, makes Garrison one in a million.

 For some GStarr tunes to get you hooked and all other sorts of media to send your senses in a flurry, check out her MySpace. The song “Unchangeable” which is slated to be on September, is totally awesome. And, when I saw her at Hotel Cafe a few months ago she played the song “Fireworks” which is brutal, and honest and wonderful. I lub it! And I hope you will, too.