I didn’t watch the VMA’s.

But, I’m not quite immune to the buzz surrounding Britney Spears’ performance last night at the awards show that took place in Las Vegas. Though I wish I was.

Here’s the video.  You decide. You’ll either laugh, or cry, or lose your breakfast. I guess the spectacle of it all is kind of enjoyable. But only if you’re deaf. And have really bad eyesight.

And really, if you watch a few of the videos that come on after Britney’s Bomb, it’s pretty on par with the rest of the evening.

UPDATE: Again, I didn’t watch the show. But. Really? The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? “Her?” I’m not crazy about it.

UPDATE: PART TWO: I did a little Wikipedia action on “Crystal Skull” and here‘s what we came up with. So, I feel a little bit better about this whole operation. I still wish it was Indiana Jones and The Chelsea Graham Caper.

The good news is that this video from the Air Guitar World Championship might redeem your Music Monday.