Grey’s Anatomy and I aren’t completely on speaking terms right now.

But I was surprised when during Season 3 my heart opened up a little bit for Dr. Mark Sloane, or, as he’s known around the halls of the prestigious and and professional environment of Seattle Grace Hospital, McSteamy. Hunky Eric Dane made an appearance on Ellen last week.

It’s a quick little bit, but I love Ellen and Doc Glamour is one of the only characters that’s bringing be back to make an attempt at watching another season of the sinking ship. I’ll be watching safely from the comfort of my home but I’m not going down with this one.

Here’s a Season 4 Not Really A Spoiler Because If You’ve Been Watching You Could Have Figured It Out:

Remember when Derek meets the “girl in a bar?” And 45 minutes before Christina gets ding dong ditched at the altar he tells Meredith that she should be worried that he met a girl at a bar and it was the “highlight of his week.” WELL, friends! You wouldn’t believe this if you were holding out for some seriously good plot development from our dear writing staff over at GrAnatomy, BUT! In a promo for season 4 there is an exchange between Lexie Grey (Meredith’s step-sister who [surprise, surprise!] got an internship at SGH, Meredith and Derek in which we learn that Lexie is NOT ONLY Meredith’s step-sister but also Derek’s girl in a bar.  HA! Oh, the irony!

Seriously, I think if I am going to watch Season 4, which at the beginning, I will, I’ve gotta go into it with negative expectations in hopes to be pleasantly surprised.