It’s go time, Team.

Remember a few months ago when I told you about a possible “The Office 360” ultra super mega interactive site put up by NBC?! (Click here if you don’t) WELL. Well, well, well! Our Dunder Mifflin Infinity conundrum is SOLVED!

Here’s the deal, gang. NBC has started the Infinity website as the ultra super mega interactive fan site. And I know that there is a good number of us who are ultra super mega fans. So, let’s do this, guys!

I need you to do the following to help make our branch of Dunder Mifflin the greatest branch there ever was!  Here are the steps:

1. Go back to

2. Scroll to the bottom and register. Make sure you receive and activate your account with the activation e-mail.

3. It’s going to ask you to fill out an application for employment. When it asks you if you want to be a Branch Manager or just an Employee, click “just an employee” and enter in this code for the branch you’d like to join


That’s our branch code! Join, join, join!

UPDATE: You’ll also probably have to still select our city, which is Owensboro, Kentucky.

Update to the Update! Go here!!!

4. And then we wait! They’ll let me know when they open the branch (which should be when we have 15 employees) and then we’re ready to play all sorts of Dunder Mifflin type games. I really don’t know more than this, but I can’t wait and I hope you’ll want to play, too!

Let’s do this. And if the grand prize is “Marrying John Krasinski,” you’re, OF COURSE, invited. But not on the Mediterranean sailing honeymoon. You’re not invited to that. Sorry.