Darryl Hannah*, Dr. Venkman** and I are ready to go for this week’s action packed TV premiere week.

Let’s talk about what we’re going to be watching this week and what we can expect to see from The Babble:


Chuck (NBC 8:00)- I’ve found the previews for this show to be really hot and cold. Some days I’m really into it and can’t wait to see it, but others it just comes off as kind of silly and stupid. It’s about a computer geek who accidentally acquires a ton of government secrets as well as a price on his head for international terrorists and assassins. So, to keep the secrets safe, he falls under the protection of two CIA agents. I dunno, it looks harmless. We’ll see how it pans out.

Journeyman (NBC, 10:00)- Really, this show looks kind of cool, but mostly dumb. I’m only tuning in to get a Kevin McKidd (Rome) fix. I’m not expecting anything to write home about here.


House (Fox, 9:00)- My brother Iain loves this show and I can see why. It’s funny, fast-paced and edge-of-your-seat excitement. I’m excited to dive in and find a potential medical drama replacement for the ill-fated Grey’s Anatomy. I think you’ll really like it, too.

Have Fork, Will Travel (Food, 9:30)- This isn’t a new show, but it’s one I’ve been watching each week on Food Network and absolutely LOVING. The host, Zane Lamprey, travels around the world to a new destination each week and explores the whats, hows and whys of each location’s edible culture. It’s fascinating, funny and makes me want to travel and eat. This week he’s going to Jamaica. Jerk seasoning! Jerk seasoning!



Private Practice (ABC 9:00)- You’re right, I do think that this is one of the worst ideas to ever come out of tragically fallen Seattle Grace Hospital, but I gotta check and make sure that all spark I had for Addison really is gone. While I’m not excited to see the previously composed, graceful and grown-up Addison get reduced to someone unrecognizable and unlikeable, I am going to watch at least the first episode or two so you all don’t have to. This is how much I love you and you can thank me later.

  Bionic Woman (NBC 9:00)- Though I really wish that this would be a good reason to watch more Egg on my TV, I am thoroughly excited and enthused for this show. It looks like it might be cheesy, but on the whole, I think it looks undoubtedly cool and interesting.  I’m not a fan of Heroes by any means, so I am hoping that this will be NBC’s action/sci-fi show that I can enjoy.

 Thursday (The busiest TV day EVER.)

This is definitely the day I’ve been waiting for for a long, long, long time. Let’s start with the rookies and work our way up to the big guns.

Ugly Betty (8:00 ABC)- If you don’t think that America Ferrera is absolutely adorable and lovely, then you’re a liar. And my new buddy Fran has been watching the season 1 DVDs and she’ll probably hurt me if I don’t watch and love this show. I’m looking forward to this one and will definitely report back on how badly I want to be friends with Betty and/or America.

My Name is Earl (NBC 8:00 *One Hour*)- Though Earl isn’t my favorite show on television, I can say that this show has a heart of solid gold. The show, while dealing with some off-beat and simply silly humor at times, always finds a way to be sweet and endearing in the end. Really, as far as I’m concerned, Earl is one of those shows that’s an easy laugh and a quick pick-me-up when needed.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 9:00)- This is gonna hurt, kids. Here’s where we left off. And here’s where we’re going. It doesn’t look promising, gang, and this may very well be the last few episodes of Grey’s for me. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s an absolute shame that off-screen drama affected so much of the goodness we were used to on-screen, and now that Isaiah Washington’s gone, there’s hope. Right? Well, one would think that, except we’ve now got Derek, Meredith and Lexie Grey (who is hopefully not as awful as her half-sister), George, Izzie and Callie Continued, Alex and Ava, and newly ditched at the altar Christina. This is going to be an absolute mess and I can only hope that Shondra knows what she’s doing when she told us that she “had to burn it all down.” Oddly enough, the only character I am actually looking forward to checking back in with is Mark Sloane. It hurts bad, but we’ll just have to wait and see how this pans out.

The Office (NBC 9:00 *One Hour*)-  The show that knows how to deliver, blow for blow, scene by scene, joke by joke, is finally back in our life with a one hour season premiere titled “Fun Run.” I can’t wait. Not only can I not wait for my funny bone to be tickled to the Nth degree, I can’t wait to see what we’re coming back to. Corporate Ryan (Did you guys also get the e-mail?!), Dwight and Angela, Michael and Jan and of course, Jim and Pam. I know that my heart still has wings from the last scene of season 3. Those teary eyes and smile that lit up the Electric City?! So beautiful!  But I’m terrified, because really, nothing is every that easy over at DM Scranton. Karen’s still there, guys, and who knows how this is going to pan out. And let’s be real. Did you really think Kelly was going to give up on Ryan so easily? All-in-all, this is what I’m living for this week. I can’t wait and you can expect Scrantonicity to be back with a bang by Friday morning. It’s gonna rock. (PS- In case you haven’t heard, Mrs. Tracy Kay and I are headed to SCRANTON, PA next month to attend THE OFFICE CONVENTION. I’m not even making that up! I have a plane ticket and everything! Tickets go on sale this Tuesday! Get on it, gang. You know it’s gonna be totally worth it)

And I think that’s it. I’ll be sure to tune in to watch 30 Rock which starts next Thursday, but this week is definitely going to be busy and help me weed out the things worth weeding out. Can’t wait. I’ll be sure to report back here on what’s worth reporting back on and cannot wait to hear what you guys will be watching and what you thought!

So, what are you watching this week?

(*My pretty new HDTV)

(**My DV-R.)