The great Fall Television Premiere Week has begun!! 

First up on my agenda was Chuck, NBC’s hip, action/comedy show about a computer tech “nerd” who “accidentally” downloads all of the government’s secrets to his brain making him very confused and very delicate. I had mixed feelings going in and mixed feelings coming out, to be honest.

Let’s start with what I liked:

  • Zachary Levi! As my buddy Fran put it this evening as we did our supermarketing “Yeah, I have a feeling I’d fall in love with him.” You said it, Sister. Awkward, goofy and absolutely adorable. Yeah, I’m pretty much in love with you, Mr. Levi. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s also hilarious and delivers his lines masterfully and with the dry wit that easily throws me in stitches.
  • The quirky Geek Squad turned “Nerd Herd” humor. It was all really simply and silly, but nonetheless entertaining.
  • The concept of a character called “Captain Awesome,” because “everything he does is awesome.” Yeah, that sounds lame, but if you saw it, it was funny and you know it.   

But sadly, it stops there. The entire show is based on the fact that you get over the absurd premise in the first place, and I just couldn’t. Granted I like a lot of shows that are based on absurd premises, like Interns and Doctors have nothing better to do than sleep with each other and make up McNicknames for their mates instead of saving lives and learning something 😉 But, when your absurd premise deals with something as “hot button” (That’s not what I was looking for, but whatever.) it’s just irritating. And Sarah (who was more like Jolie’s Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith than a character of her own) is the sexy CIA agent that’s sent to protect Chuck. And let’s be real, this girl has to own clothing other than the ones she wears to go to the electronic store and on her date with Chuck. AKA the footage of her in her underwear in front of her wide open city apartment windows are totally unnecessary and worthy of many eye rolls.

The bottom line is that Chuck‘s efforts to be hip, sexy, fast and fun might be enough for some viewers, it’s not quite enough to merit repeat business.

 And Joruneyman just totally sucked. I love Kevin McKidd and was really hoping he would have something to work with here to help showcase the talent he is, but not only is he clearly the most talented actor on this show, but his suffering through dialogue and crappy performances from his co-stars makes me want to call up Titus Pullo and get him out of there. I totally lost interest after the first seven minutes and spent the remainder of the show in a daze. Skip it, skip it, skip it.

So… let’s hear it. What did you guys watch? What did you love? What did you hate? I’m all ears.