It’s back! It’s back with a vengeance! And then some! Oh, man! Ohhhh, man!

There is no way to not gush on spoilers and fill this post with them. So, if you’ve yet to watch the season premiere of The Office, don’t keep reading. But, if you did, please meet me after the jump!!

“What is, ‘We’re Fine.'”

True story, guys. I was nervous going into this episode. I didn’t know what to expect. Were we doomed to be hurled into another long and painful season of secret crushes and missed opportunity? I know that this is far from over, but, I also know that my heart was on too much of a high from the end of Season 3 and I’m glad that the start of Season 4 took that high and just kept on soaring.

But, more on that later. Let’s get down to business.

For me, I found this to be one of those episodes where I couldn’t stand to be in the presence of Michael. The only episode of The Office that I wasn’t overly fond of was Phyllis’ Wedding. Not like I particularly hated the episode, I just thought that the choices they made for Michael’s character were poor and discouraging, especially considering the leaps and bounds his character was taking in the episodes leading up to that one. It was frustrating and maddening and unlike other eye rolling Michael episodes, this one didn’t offer any sort of redeeming moment at the end. I was scared at the beginning of Fun Run that they were making Michael an ass for the sake of making Michael an ass. The beginning when he was introducing us to his new life with Jan (love the shot of sleeping Jan sprawled on the bed) was hilarious, but after that it was one uncomfortable Michael moment after another. Part of me loves this show for having some sense of believability and realism, and another wants to say that there is no way that anyone is as awful and immature as Michael is sometimes made out to be. But, this was an episode where Michael put his good intentions and heart in the forefront and by the end of the episode all was well and Michael was back to, well, Michael.

Also, I totally loved Jan’s fierce confrontation of Pam! Whoa!! I absolutely cannot wait to see this develop. It’s going to be hilarious and absolutely awesome.

And how could we ever possibly in a bazillion years not absolutely kill ourselves with laughter over Dwight and Angela and the late Sprinkles! I love how rational and “respectful” Dwight was about the whole thing. And the notion of Dwight signing him his favorite songs? I love it. And I also love Angela. THAT kitty has claws! Feisty! Checking Dwight into the file cabinet! I’m hoping that with PB & J (Thank you, Kevin 🙂 ) out of the way, drama-wise, for a Little while will give us room and time to see what’s going on in this relationship. And Michael and Jan. And Phyllis and Bob the Unitarian. And Kevin and Stacey. And Oscar and… the man or woman in his life.

Also, I’d like to take this chance to announce how much I want to be friends with Kevin. I love that he’s pretty much the biggest gossip at Dunder Mifflin and not afraid to share his knowledge with the world. He’s brilliant and hilarious and if you haven’t, you need to watch your Season 3 extras to see Kevin’s office cooking show. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”

Ryan at corporate is kind of interesting! In a “Ryan’s an even bigger ass” sort of way. Also, I have a feeling we’re in for a big Kelly/Ryan storyline sometime soon. I’m also going to say that Kelly was text messaging Ryan from the Fun Run finish line. But she shouldn’t. Move on, Girlie! You deserve much, much better. I need to see more of this next Thursday. Or tomorrow, whenever NBC wants me to watch it, I’m game.

The rest of the crew was spectacular, as always. Stanley’s dry wit with “babies” instead of “rabies” was amazing and Creed is just perhaps the greatest 82 year old to ever work in the paper biz.

This episode was hilarious and delivered so much of what I’ve been needing all summer long. “The Face of Rabies!!” And I officially want a big check made out to “SCIENCE.” And Dwight’s “starter pistol.” I also love Creed and Oscar cheering Michael on and then sneaking off in the Taxi with Stanley. And Andy’s running techniques!!!! GAHH! It’s too much! Too much funny!!! I’m still laughing!

Okay. But, let’s be real. You know what I want to talk about…

Not gonna lie, guys. My heart absolutely sank at Jim and Pam’s “single” admissions in their opening talking heads. I couldn’t believe it and didn’t want to and was having a hard time searching for reasons as to how that date could have ever in a million years *not* gone well. And when Pam admitted that she helped Jim through the break up? COME ON. I was furious at that! It just didn’t fit in any way shape or form and I felt like we were tragically back at square one. Yes, I’m sad to see Karen go. I liked her, and a part of my heart is having a hard time reconciling that she’s done nothing wrong and has kind of been crapped on, but sadly and tragically, Karen, by no fault of her own was what Jim needed to have in order to realize what he really needed to do to be truly happy, because as I’ve said time and again, he wasn’t himself and he wasn’t as happy as he could have been with Karen. And they couldn’t have made her awful because Jim would have never been with someone like that in the first place. However, I don’t think this is the last of Karen. Not by a long shot.

Moving on.

I was depressed, guys! I couldn’t believe they weren’t together and I found the episode so lackluster… until… “What’s that? Why is Pam pulling over? Is she crying? Oh, Pam. Wait, there’s someone getting in your— OH MY GOSH!!!” I squealed, grabbed Fran’s arm and rewound the DV-R about 5 times. That was wonderful and sweet and adorable and my heart did this thing where it doesn’t know if it should skip a beat or melt and I’m pretty sure it did both.

And as if that wasn’t enough, when they’re confronted by the camera crew with the footage and Pam says “I picked him up because… we’re dating” you saw a sparkle and a smile on both Jim and Pam’s face that you haven’t seen from them on this show, ever, and that’s saying something, folks. When John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer act and show emotion, they do it with their entier body and being. When they smile their eyes and cheeks their entire beings simply beam. It’s so wonderful and we saw it in full force tonight. Let’s enjoy it.

And of course, we have the hand holding, which was wonderful and adorable and the estate shopping and lamp buying and more of my heart doing that thing it does (which I am pretty sure is the feeling of falling even more hopelessly and madly in love with John Krasinski and realizing that I really cannot wait until October 26th-28th when we spend the the first weekend of the rest of our lives at a charming B&B giggling and smiling and beaming and exploring all the wondrous wonders of Scranton, Pa. I’ll see you there, Beautiful.)

I’m nervous because I know we’re not in the clear on this PB & J thing. Come on, you think it would be that easy? But I do know that I am loving seeing these two be the happiest we’ve ever seen them, which in turn makes me feel all warm inside. Let me just bask in it for just a little while.

I’m watching it again this weekend. Probably twice. Or three times. So, let’s order pizza and do that. But as for now, it’s very late and I am very tired and I am very going to sleep to dream sweet, sweet, John Krasinski dreams.

Welcome back, Office fans! Michael Scott said it best, “This is going to be a very good year.” Without the whole hitting Meredith thing.