(I’m with Andy. I think we should call it Dunder MifflInfinity. But Ryan clearly doesn’t approve.)

I want to start out this by pledging my allegiance to NBC’s Thursday night line-up. Not only was Earl hilarious and back to more of what I love most about it, but 30 Rock is the second best show on television right now, and you can take that to the bank.  I have such a girl crush on Tina Fey (Have you seen her American Express commercial? I can’t find it on YouTube, but I LOVE it. Here’ssomething I did find on YouTube. It’s Tina on Sesame Street as a “Bookaneer.” Gosh, I sure do love her.). Alec Baldwin is, well, Alec Baldwin and I love him for it and Tracy Morgan might be the funniest person alive. This show is brilliant and I dislike Grey’s Anatomy even more for keeping me from it for so long. Get on your 30 Rock, guys. You will not be sorry.

 But this is not 30 Rock From The Blog, it’s Scrantonicity! So, let’s!

I love not spending episodes stressed out and analyzing every little eye glance and nuance between Jim and Pam. I also love the fact that Jim and Pam are so happy and constantly beaming. I know it won’t be long before some wrench gets thrown in the gears, I just hope that they let us bask in this for just a little bit longer. It’s so damn cute and a nice break for my heart. So, the Jim/Pam wrap-up that’s normally saved for the end of Scrantonicity is brought to the beginning. I loved the “Now that we’re public, is the magic gone?” “I now find you… repulsive?” Love it. And so sweet. 

“We should have started dating a long time ago.” You’re right, Jim. We should have. Oh, I mean you should have. Dating. Pam. You’re dating Pam. Not Chelsea. Okay. I’m not totally crushed. I promise.

I love how many more sides of everyone else we’re now getting from our weekly dosage of Dunder Mifflin.

Ryan has become a total ass. But I’m LOVING it. He’s shameless and rude and, really, even though he thinks he isn’t, SO unprofessional. I can’t believe how slimy he was in asking out Pam, but like Jim said, “I guess he can’t get anygirl.” For the record, I’d date Jim any day of the week before Ryan. Even before Ryan got a beard and a ‘tude. And poor Kelly. Gang, we gotta find Kelly a man who’s gonna treat her right. And in scouring the office, I could only see it being the most odd, yet hilarious thing ever if Kelly ended up with Toby. I’m not counting on it, but I will say that Kelly and Ryan is going to get a whole lot funnier before it’s over.  (ALSO! I can’t believe that Ryan told Kelly that KAREN e-mailed HIM and HE said no because he was so committed to their relationship! GAH! He’s such an ass!) But, like I said, I love the new dynamic he brings and the hilarious situations he’s creating.

And speaking of Toby! I can’t believe his behavior when it came to Jim and Pam’s disclosure of their relationship. It was hilarious when he kept saying “Let’s just see how things go,” but at the same time I hope he doesn’t try and put the corporate axe on their relationship. I feel bad for Toby, but as John pointed out, what ever happened to the girl from the gym?! Toby had better not become the wrench in Jim and Pam’s gears, otherwise I’ll have something to say about it.

Dwight and Angela are brilliant. Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey are two of the most talented and brilliant actors and have been kept too much in the shadows for the first two seasons. Even though their characters kind of chose a life in the shadows, I’m happy that our trusty camera crew down at DM Scranton has been able to give us an inside look at what’s going on here, because it’s hilarious and brilliant. I love the notion of “Garbage” and all of Dwight’s efforts to win back clients as this huge personal metaphor for winning back Angela. Funny and sweet. I wonder how long Angela is going to be able to keep her nose turned up on everything related to Dwight. I also love her little sayings, “Pam is the office mattress…”

And Jan and Michael. I think it’s so interesting how calmed down this relationship has become. Like, Jan brings Michael salad for lunch and they talk about their day. And apparently do “other” things in his office, too, but nonetheless, their this, for lack of a better word, normal couple now. Love it. Here’s my big thing now. When Michael was talking about the Blackberry doing some sort of number on his sperm and therefore making Jan and Michael’s kids, should they choose to have them, deformed, or however he put it so eloquently, Jan’s expression to the camera was a little to flagrant and noticeable. It was a look of either “I don’t want to have kids with him,” or “I’m pregnant.” I don’t think it’s the first especially since one of the reasons for getting a divorce from Gould was that she wanted kids, and how feisty she was last week towards Pam when she thought that Pam was eyeing Michael. I think Jan’s pregnant and I think that’s going to be the most interesting and hilarious thing to see Michael go through. I hope I’m right and I can’t wait. What are your thoughts on this?

My one complaint from last night’s episode was that Michael driving the car into the lake was a bit much and a little too stupid. But, it was executed with hilarity and grace, as is everything else on this show. I only wish Dwight had taken Silena’s dad’s advice and broken the windshield with a high heeled shoe.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now. Let’s hear your thoughts!

(And, let it be known that I think Creed is the most oddly hilarious person on that show and I love his week-to-week antics more than anything. Okay, that’s all. Later, Skater.)