Sesame Street, that is.

Not too long ago, John sent me a photo of Anderson Cooper with a couple of Sesame Street Grouches (photo pending when I’m not at work.). Aside from being the best picture ever taken, it was photographic proof that Anderson Cooper was going to make a guest appearance on perhaps the most influential show of my life.  As if I couldn’t love him any more…

(There was a good quality video on YouTube, but it appears to have been taken down. So, here we have this one which someone filmed off their TV. Until I find another one, this will have to do, but you get the idea.)

Also, as I was watching this video I was snookered into some other GLORIOUS Anderson Cooper YouTube videos when he is at his funniest and most ferocious.

Also, this week his special with Sanjay Gupta is starting on CNN, “Planet in Peril.” It looks pretty interesting, so maybe we should check it out.

AND, have you read Cooper’s book yet? I really think you should.