I’ve had a hard time getting down to writing anything really substantial about The Office recently. It’s not that it’s not brilliant, because it definitely is, it’s just that we haven’t been as cliffhangered as we’ve been in the past and there’s not too much to speculate. I think this is fine. My heart needs the vacation. But, no bother! Much to discuss! Let’s get right down to it!

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For me, this was one of those episodes that had a lot of heart and a lot of good nature behind it. Until the end of the season, I feel like we get bounced around, week-to-week between silly and funny episodes that are just easy to laugh at, and episodes that still are easy to laugh at, but also touch your heart, too. This was one of those episodes, for sure.

I think it’s so sad and heartbreaking that Michael has to have a second job to support Jan’s lifestyle and week after week, though the antics of Jan being so prominent and impacting are great and extremely comedic, it’s incredibly difficult to have patience with her laziness and willingness to go out and get a PORSCHE while Michael has to work like he is. I mean, I have two jobs, but I am not Regional Manager of a Mid-Range Office Supply Company.  At the end of the episode, when Jan showed some compassion and empathy for Michael and support that he will get through his troubles, I found it sweet, but wonder if it means that Jan is going to help out by changing her ways a little bit. I like Jan’s character. I think it’s crazy and funny and entertaining, but I like Michael, too, and seeing characters you like in a position like his is soul shattering. 

Speaking of soul shattering! Dwight! Poor Dwight! His crying totally creeped me out, but I feel so bad for him. I’m really enjoying Andy’s pursuit of Angela, and will bet my bottom dollar that Angela converts Andy into some crazy monochrome Christian, or, Dwight and Andy have some sort of extreme competition for Angela’s love. Which would probably be interesting, considering how secretive that whole thing still is.  But let’s be real, Angela still has a soft spot for Monkey. I think “Schrute Farms, Guttentag,” Is hilarious and I am still in stitches over the image of Mose running alongside Jim and Pam’s car as they drove into the farm. I love Mose. For a character who has had maybe 2 lines since the start of the series, he cracks me up.

And again, we get this super sweet side of Jim when he goes to talk to Dwight in the hallway. They have this horribly hilarious and sweet dynamic that cannot and will not be beat. Ever.

And, yes, I am still totally in love with Jim and Pam and how cute that all is. Not to mention they’re just a nice, sweet couple. Inviting Michael to dinner? Writing nice reviews of Dwight’s B&B? I wanna be friends with them. But, I’ll say it for the 2384th time, I’m terrified of when they’re going to throw a wrench in the gears, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts, shall we?

By the way, Jim, I’m also really passionate about Italian food. And I’ve already planned our first weekend away together, too. But, if you want to go to Schrute Farms and stay in the Irrigation Suite, I will. It doesn’t even matter. We can stay up talking about nothing until sunrise anywhere in the world, Dear.