Well, kids, I’m glad it’s raining. I’m not so glad that the museum is humid and smelly and that the sky is falling all around my desk. I’m blocked in by trash cans and disturbed by the constant plop of of the water falling from the ceiling and the occasional dunk from a large piece of tile falling into the bog.

But no bother to any of this! For tonight, I am headed up to Columbus to catch my crack-o-dawn flight to Washington, DC for a few days of sightseeing and fun with my dear friend Tracy. And then it’s off to Scranton! For The Office Convention! Not to return til next Tuesday!!

You can read up more on the convention here, but I am fairly sure that our hotel in Scranton will have internet, so you best believe I will be making an effort to make nightly updates.

Until I get back, be good, don’t fight and feed my fish, Tabetha (I actually don’t think I ever made an official blog introduction to Tabetha. Well, Tabetha is my fish. And she’s lazy.)

And stay safe out in Southern California. I’m thinking of you guys, for sure.