Tonight we headed back up to the convention headquarters for a little reception and mingle time. Kind of crazy, lots of seemingly cool people adorning themselves in all sorts of Dunder Mifflin disguise. Tracy had to pick up a replacement lanyard in the main hall, so on our way back, I saw Oscar headed back to the tent where the main reception was taking place. And when we made it there, Darryl, Oscar and Angela were lined up signing autographs and taking pictures. So, Tracy and I each got a picture with Darryl and Oscar and got their autographs, but Angela was far too swamped to get close enough for anything. Hopefully tomorrow though.

For dinner we went to this really cool restaurant called Cooper’s Seafood House.  Delicious! I had the Cajun Seafood Pasta. Double delicious!

Day one is officially in the books! And now it’s time for some Disney Channel Harry Potter, Bear, and then some sleeps. After all, we’ve got Office Olympics in the morning!