Because a Scranton party really does not stop.

Okay, Dunderheads, it’s 10:11 AM, Sunday morning and after getting back to the hotel just shy of 5 this morning, I can safely say that Tracy and I are wiped but hungry for more.

Yesterday was crazy and excellent all rolled into one. It started out with finding perhaps the greatest parking spot in all of Scranton. After the parking we headed over to the University for the ribbon cutting ceremony where we were introduced to some local politicians, but also some cast members that were present at the convention! Everyone was hilarious and gracious and wonderful.

Also of note: It is in this moment that I fell helplessly in love with Ed Helms.

After the ribbon cutting it was up to the gymnasium for some rainy weather relocated Office Olympics where yours truly medaled in not one, not two, BUT THREE events (Flonkerton, Coffee Mug Race and Horse)! Such an excellent time.

After the Olympics we went and had a delicious lunch at 130 Brixx and then it was back up to the University for a cast Q&A. They let a lot of people in, which was kind of a minor complaint from me, but it was still excellent. All the cast that was at the convention was at the Q&A, including Greg Daniels. I learned lots of new facts (Like, did you know that F.H. John Krasinski and buddies filmed the opening shots of Scranton rand also, of course, fell even more in love with Ed Helms. Especially because he did the best Tom Brokaw impression that you’ve ever heard. Don’t worry, I think I got it on video. The cast is wonderful. You can really tell how truly flattered and happy they are to be here and how thankful they are for all of the fans that love them so much.

After this, we headed over to Vida which is a local tapas place. We each got sangria’d and ate some flatbread covered in goat cheese and sauteed veggies. Oh, man. Oh, man. Lemme say this, gang, there is absolutely NO SHORTAGE of good food in Scranton. Wow.

Post-dinner, we headed yet again back up to the campus for the costume contest, and Scrantones concert. Arriving just at the end of an odd improv set, we got to see the entire costume contest judged by Leslie (Stanley), Phyllis and Andy Buckley (CFO. People cheered CFO every time he came out on stage. Also, I had no idea he had a day job as a stock broker with Merrill Lynch.) Some of my favorites included someone coming as the vending machine with all of Dwight’s stuff in it, a Dwight who nailed the character and a Mose who came out to be judged by Mike Schurr. It should be noted that I had NO IDEA that Mike Schurr played Mose. Other cast members came out to judge their character so that meant Angela and more yummy Ed Helms.

After this everyone kind of went up to the stage in an effort to get some autographs, which included Tracy and I, but when everyone left stage, we ended up being right up front for the Scrantones concert. It was totally AWESOME!!! Not only does the band really rock and rock hard, but they had cast members come out and do some songs with them including Creed, Kate (Meredith), Leslie (Stanley), Melora (Jan. By the way, she has an album out and is a total pop vixen on stage.), Brian (Kevin), Craig (Darryl) and Ed Helms. I got lots of photos and videos, so just you wait. At the end of the night the band played the theme song for the show and everyone came out and was dancing and having a great, great time. Including Ed, who picked up a guitar and by doing so essentially asked me to marry him. All in all, such a cool night. The energy was excellent and it was such a cool moment to be a part of.

After this, we headed down to a recommended local place, where some Office cast have been rumored to visit, called The Bog. A great and really fun local band was playing and we met some really cool local folk.

Today were off to the street fair for some Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe for lunch and then heading back to D.C.

Such a fun weekend. I didn’t get to meet as many cast as I would have liked, but all in all the weekend has been spent in a great town and in even better company.

(Rumors: An Office Picnic in the spring. We’re going, right?)