If you’ve watched it, and only if you’ve watched it, meet us post-jump! Post-haste!

As if we had any doubt that there was some serious plot churning going on underneath all our Scrantics, this episode should have been way more than necessary proof. 

First off, I’m glad Karen is back. I found her dismissal odd and out of character for the writing on the show, but didn’t really care because I was beaming from Jim and Pam’s date all summer long. But, I’m glad she’s back and with a great new job. That being said, disaster pretty much sums up their meeting during this episode. Poor Jim had to get thrown into that situation unprepared and unwilling, and newly healed Karen had to put up with his unprepared and unwilling improv. It’s far from over.  

But, coming home to a warm and loving Pam couldn’t be much better. Especially when she’s invited you into the Finer Things Club. I love that, by the way. So hilarious and so brilliant. But, Toby’s only in it for the Pam time, and the fact that it’s Pam time without Jim is probably his favorite part. Well, until the end. And usually those last 30 seconds or so are throw away scenes, but I think that that might have been a little bump in our road here. They haven’t thrown a full blown wrench into the gear yet, but we’re having a few nuts and bolts disrupt the flow that we knew better than to get used to.

Not too much else here, and that makes me nervous. Kind of a set up for something big and painful. Mid-season hiatus is much closer than we think, guys.