The big news up here in Cincinnati last week was the potential Kroger strike. That didn’t happen. Lots of hoopla and no chaos, no burning buildings and no fire sales on frozen turkeys. Pffft.

There will, however be chaos in Ol’ Number Fif-teen as your friend and humble narrator just might pitch a shit over the fact that there are only two new episodes of The Office left this season. That’s right, Kids, production of The Office shut down for the season on Tuesday and will remain shut down until the strike is over. Which is going to be sometime between next Wednesday and 2063. Desperate House*bleep*s and a few other sprinkling of shows have already shut down, and if you’re like me, you’ll notice your DV-R has stopped recording new episodes of The Report and The Daily Show. Quite simply because there aren’t any.  If the writers will strike, so will the DV-R. It’s a tragic ripple effect. I’m also terror-fied that the last episode of The Office that we see is going to be some sort of awful tragic cliffhanger that’s going to send me into a spiral of anxiety and depression.

In all seriousness though, I fully support the writers and hope that this all can get sorted out soon. If not, I’m going to have to bring in my 5 special negotiation tactics when I’m home for Christmas. Four of these involve baked good bribery.

Man, that Hollywood. She’s one tough town.

 (For more strike information, check out these links:

  • Office-specific coverage has been handled beautifully by Tanster over at OfficeTally.
  • Deadline Hollywood Daily is a pretty good round-up of all strike related news.
  • And Ain’t It Cool News has a good article with lots of snippets about other involved parties in the strike.
  • Also, writer/director James Gunn (and Jenna Fischer’s ex-husband) has written an extremely honest blog on the strike right here. )

When the last new episodes of our favorite shows have aired, we’re going to start a post where you’re going to recommend to me and your fellow interns TV shows that we should check out or catch up on via the magic of DVD. So start thinkin’ Lincoln!