Tonight I went and saw one of your more recent multi-multi-million dollar productions, American Gangster. Truly a recipe for brilliance and phenomenon, starring Russel Crowe, Denzel Washington and directed by Ridley Scott. I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, guys, and really could not wait to hand over my hard earned dollars for almost 3 hours of intensity.

Really, the movie was excellent. Washington and Crowe are perhaps two of the most talented actors of all time and the brilliance with which they executed their roles was the stuff of legend. The opposing natures of their two characters (Washington, the drug dealer with a soft spot for family, and Crowe, the good cop who’s pretty stinkin’ at the family part) is thoughtful and makes the story rich and compelling. The plot was tight and the intensity level almost never gave up. I really, thoroughly enjoyed this movie, Hollywood.

And while people may want to have whisperings of Oscars for Denzel and Russel, I think we need to give credit where credit is due. That’s right. I, Chelsea Graham, would like to take this chance to officially throw in my two cents and nominate Boom Mic A for it’s supporting role in this film.  Truly a commanding presence in at least 10 of the most intense scenes in this movie, when he was on screen, it was hard to notice anything else. You can’t find that kind of charisma and screen presence just anywhere. No, sir, look no further than a metal pole and some foam. Oh, and the arrogance of an entire crew of people working on a film. I will say this, Hollywood. I bet you drastically over-paid for this little feature. In fact, I’ll tell you what. Pay me half. Nay. Twenty-five percent of what you paid the people who worked on this movie and I promise you will have a boom mic in every single scene, if your heart so desires. Or, if you decide it might not be the best idea to overlook such glaring technical errors during some of the most intense scenes in your movie, go ahead and FedEx me over a copy on DVD. I’ll screen it and report back when you mess up as badly as this so you can fix it before it’s showing in every movie theater in the country. It might be less embarrassing, but I don’t know, like I said, maybe you guys were going for that high school film class effect.

Either way, call me. Let’s talk business.

 Yours truly,

Chelsea Graham

(Dear Interns: I’ll get around to more substantial comments on the film eventually, but I couldn’t go to bed without getting this off my chest first.)