One of the greatest television shows ever made is Arrested Development. And no one watched it (including me, until it came to DVD) so it didn’t stay on the air long at all. But it’s brilliant and hilarious and I am actually glad that it’s not on the air right now because with the WGA strike, my heart couldn’t handle more loss.

But! Michael and George Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman [who I would have NO PROBLEMS marrying right here, right now] and Michael Cera [who I could also without question marry]) are back in action in the new comedy due out this winter, Juno (Also starring Jenny Garner and Ellen Page!).

And if that doesn’t get you excited enough, watch these two interviews with Bateman and Cera. And laugh. And cry. The movie looks adorable and hilarious and after this I’m definitely counting down the minutes until…

You can go see the movie for free!!!!! It’s going to nearly every city I can think that I have friends living in, so go! Check it out! For no dollars!

 That’s better than a corn dog with all the crucifixins.