I’m still heartbroken over the lack of new Office in a season that was set up to be totally killer, both in plot and actual length. I feel robbed, but don’t think I need to metnion again my support for the writers.

That being said, my willingness and ability to report on anything that concerns our beloved Office has been dismal, at best. So, it is withgreat joy that I report on one of the msot recent stories posted on the ever-fabulous OfficeTally.com

Tanster posted that she found a very “disturbing” video of Rainn Wilson at a photo shoot in Los Angeles.

She went to Rainn for a response and I suggest you read it first before you watch the video. And then after.


Rainn here. There is this video that has been going around and I wanted to make a public statement about it to The Office fans.

I just wanted to say that I recently had a photo shoot and things got a little out of control. That little prick of an artsy Hollywood photographer had been pushing my buttons all day and of course they film ME attacking HIM when it was totally his fault. He is an arrogant little GIRL and the only reason I didn’t really pummel him is because I was afraid of a lawsuit.

Please don’t watch the unauthorized video that’s been making the rounds. It’s totally not what happened and I am starting legal proceedings against that little douche.

Rainn Wilson

And now, the video (Which is NSFW, unless you have your handy dandy iPod headphones like i do.):

I’ll totally watch every single episode of an improvised Rainn Wilson Artsy Photographer Deathmatch if it’s just half as funny as that. And contains an absurd Rainn Wilson commentary afterwards.  BRILLIANT. This man needs employment. Every Thursday for an hour. On my television. *Weep!*