Now that I’ve got not only your attention, but your mom’s, your uncle’s, your sister’s friend’s brother’s nephew’s, too, it’s about time that I explain this pregnancy of Silena’s that’s caused such a stir.

See, it wasn’t a total fib. Just a little one. And pretty much the first of MANY AMAZING, STELLAR, CREATIVE, MIND-BLOWING publicity stunts that I will be pulling once Silena is famous and makin’ the big bucks. And I’ll even do it for free.

Because, you see, our dear Silena is not pregnant in the knocked up sense, more in the theatrical sense. Dear Silena is co-starring in a production of “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” at Moorpark College that opens this February 14th! Where she plays a lady who is in fact pregnant.

Here’s the info: Info! 

So check it out! Take your sweetie for Valentine’s Day and help skyrocket the next big starlet of Hollywood to eternal success and fame!

So proud.