I’m big on packing my own lunch for work. It’s cheaper, easier and I almost always get what I want. Granted, it gets boring (crackers, apple, PB&J) it always has a way of leaving me satisfied.

 The Museum Center has a typical museum food court going on. The one corporate sponsor (Pizza Hut) and then the sandwiches, fried foods, burgers and salads which many of my co-workers partake in on a daily basis. Hence a major reason that I won’t touch the stuff, some of it just looks downright nasty. But last week, at a staff lunch, my boss had a salad that looked amazing. Now, there are few things in life that I love more than a good salad. Crasins? Apples? Feta? MIXED GREENS?!?! I’m all about it, so imagine my surprise at the mixed greens, crasins, feta, apple and grilled chicken salad I saw in the dining area today. It had to be mine. So I bought my salad and out of lack of a balsamic vinaigrette (my favorite dressing), I went for the raspberry vinaigrette which I had never had before.

And I will never.



The dressing tasted like vomit. Totally sickening and awful. And it didn’t help that it covered what tasted like rancid feta cheese, wilted lettuce, weird dried apple things and crasins that you couldn’t taste because they were covered in raspberry vomitgrette dressing.

And that wasn’t chicken.

And now I don’t feel so well.

In other museum news, today I was in the Trading Post and a little loquacious young lady came in and was telling me ALL about her rock collection. And I guess I kept saying “Cool” a lot because she paused her story, looked at me and said “You say ‘cool’ a lot.”

So I guess it’s time to retire “cool” from my vocabulary. Kosher?