When you work at a preschool or around children of that age, you begin to adopt lots of their habits. For example, you whine (if not out loud then at least to yourself) a lot more than normal adults. You also discover an itch to throw something when you don’t get your way. The need for naps becomes blatantly apparent and you begin to realize that sometimes the best lunches are those that are most simple and sweet.

And many of you tease the fact that on most days my preferred lunch of choice consists of peanut butter and jelly with an apple and some other goodie, but seriously. It’s delicious.

Today, in my midst of being an adult and coupon cutting, no coupon or advertisement excited me more than the one I found for Uncrustables. So simple! So delicious! AND! They now have GRILLED CHEESE VARIETY! And Peanut Butter and Honey! On Wheat?! Oh, man. Guys, seriously. Don’t knock ’em til you’ve tried ’em and I’ve got such a suspicion that you’ve never even thought of trying them.

EDIT: Next time I’m Krogering, which may be tonight, I am going to buy one of the new varieties and give you a FULL REPORT on how AMAZING it really is.